ATC drag feature.

It’s not on the map

There will be a pink line do you see that? Once you drag the aircraft under the pink circle at the start of the line is a box stating how high the terrain is. 😉

I have seen that but paid no attention

I see now. Thx so much guys. Rlly helpful. Much appreciated

Ok slow down. There are multiple conversations going on.

First you need the plane to be blue meaning they are on your frequency. Then when you are on approach or departure can click and drag them around.

Once you are dragging, it will show you the height of the terrain where you are pointing.

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@Sashaz55 @TimShan05 helped me understand the pink line terane I know get it

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It’s ok. I know this. It’s just my drag feature was not working

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Sometimes I can vector if they’re not on my frequency though, is it just an unknown bug?

It was my screen protector

There is no need to worry moderator

Then how did it work on approach and not departure

Because I never tried it on approach.

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Right, now we are all settled I think this can be closed @Chris_S. To avoid clogging up the form

I did not think it was a feature for approach but now I do

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Yes please

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Much appreciated guys


You can do that to any plane but it does not send them a message.