ATC drag feature.

I watched all the infinite flight ATC toturials and I was wondering why in the toturials there is a drag feature whilst in infinite flight there is’nt one. Is this because it was removed or does it exist in another version of the game as I play on mobile?

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If you’re talking about radar, no it’s not removed, click on the aircraft and drag it :)

What, for approach

I used it a couple days ago, it’s still there. Make sure to hold down and drag, it also shows you the terrain so be mindful when you are vectoring aircraft and try not to make them crash into a mountain.

No in departure. When I am in ATC, instead of calculating the heading, the toturials show I can drag from the aircraft to the heading and set the alt.

Press on it, hold it, then drag

IF is a mobile game


We all play the same version

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Yes you can, APPR/DEP have the same controls/commands.

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this is what my ATC radar looks like. I dont get any terrain info

I have. I’ll try the drag feature one more time now.

Press on a aircraft that is on your frequency and drag it to where you would like the aircraft to go, a pink line will appear in the direction you are vectoring, under that is a box with the altitude of the terrain.


This was removed a long time ago

And there is no one on your frequencie

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I mean come on, you can’t drag someone if they are not on your frequencie

Terrain info is still there just not in a map.

Please reference what I said above.

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I managed to make the feature work



I had to take my screen protector off tho

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Umm right here?

Can I ask where you get terrain info?

This said nothing about terane