ATC Drag and Taxi Tutorial

Infinite Flight’s Drag and Taxi feature allows you to issue specific taxiway routing when staffing Ground Control! Whether it’s to deconflict congestion or mirror real-world operations, Drag and Taxi gives you full control over your airport’s ground operations.

Plug in with Tyler on Ground Control at LAX and learn how to use this new feature!

Click below to learn how to use ATC Drag and Taxi


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This feature is currently only available to IFATC members. An incoming 24.1 hotfix will enable access to all other users on the Training Server.


Thanks Tyler :)


Thanks @Tyler_Shelton!

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Is this available for Training as well?

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It will be available on the Training Server once our Hotfix arrives. That was an oversight on our part. Sorry!


Thank you Tyler


Thank you Tyler for this beautiful tutorial! Since I’m just a trainee for IFATC, I will only utilize this for Training Server after doing some training, lets hope it works well!


Awesome. I know that I couldn’t be able to join IFATC so I’m glad to hear that this feature will be available on the training after the hotfix. It’s what I have always wanted as a controller on training server


is this only for multiplayer server?

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Yes - its a feature for controllers so would be pointless on Solo mode.


How many airports have this feature?

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I believe more airports come with this each update

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Any airport that has been recently edited by IFAET with a full taxiway network will make drag and taxi available.

You can see all the airports with it available here just scroll to the bottom.

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Can’t wait till all of the major airports have taxiway networks for D&T!

I’m not sure if it’s 100% accurate. KLAX does not have Drag and Taxi on the expert server.


When Will the hotfix come?? Any idea @Tyler_Shelton

Please don’t tag the staff. The hotfix will come at some point - we don’t know when as the devs never give firm release dates.

Sorry man. Didn’t know about it.

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No, not available