ATC downgraded me for a strange reason

Hello all
I was ready to perform a flight from OMDB where the ground controller asked ghosted me and found myself in grade 2 instead of grade 3 where i was. I asked the controller for a clearance to taxi to runway 30L instead of 30R. I asked him for a correction when he told me not to spam the frequency as i was just correcting myself which is a button programmed by developers. when i arrived the holding point of runway 30L i asked to cross the runway, he asked me to contact tower, i did. The tower asked me to hold short of 30L, then after 2 minutes of waiting and allowing all aircrafts behind me to cross, he asked me again to switch to ground. I did and asked him again to allow me to cross the runway when he suddenly ghosted me for spamming the frequency and downgraded me. Seems that the controllers didnt know what they’re doing and ghosted me for spamming the frequency in which i asked to cross based on their request. I want to report this OMDB ground controller for such a behavior and i want to know how can i recover my grade.

Please contact the responsible controller via PM, thanks!


Could you please tell me how to do this as i quit the flight?

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Thank you for helping

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See the post linked above and share the name the controller here if you can’t find the controller on the IFC by yourself.

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No problem at all!

All IFATC know what thay are doing

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Well, mistakes do happen to the best. Please keep the discussion to the PM once we identified the controller.

I also know what i was talking about. I’m not a beginner and i did follow all the instructions perfectly. They were rushing me between each others and suddenly ghosted me for spamming the frequency. Thats weird

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Not sure what you mean, sorry, could you possibly clarify?

I followed what you told me, but couldnt how could i find the controller here. His name from my logbook is MANAV

@Crown.plane please contact @Manav_Suri