ATC Dosent respond to me

Sometimes while flying, I experience an issue where all aircraft names are “Unknown” and whenever this happens and I try to talk to ATC, they never respond. I think it’s because they can’t see what I’m saying. It looks like this.

Is your connection dropping out at all?

There is a green tick in the top right corner to suggest there is no problem with that. But it could be wrong.

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Is your connection ok? Sometimes I have the samen problem. Make sure you have strong connection

Hi there!

Do you exit the app during the flight(s)?
Have you tried signing out of your account, restarting your device and then sign back in?
If this happens on every flight, then I would recommend restarting your router.

It dosent happen on every flight and my connection is sometimes good and sometimes bad. And i do exit the app sometimes like i did on this flight.

Dont exit the flight at all. Stay on it otherwise this can happen.

When you exit the game and then go back to the game, you have to wait, you’re recovering the connection. Make sure you connection is strong!

Please try not to do this. Read this topic for more info: