Atc doesn't know when to hand over

Centre is refusing to let me change frequency even though Im below 18 000 I’ve noticed that IFATC don’t know when to hand over

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Is the airport you are going to have approach open? If not, center can take the responsibility for the approach freq under FL180 for an airport within its airspace.


You may not yet be within the 50nm airspace of the airport. Also, center frequency may handoff aircraft at a lower altitude and time to help reduce the workload of the approach controller. If there is no approach active and only Center, they may keep you on frequency until on Final approach.

Also, we are indeed trained to our fullest before controlling the skies, it’s rare you’ll see and controller making huge mistakes, if they do happen, remember we’re human too :)

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Apart from what other people said, it’s not fair that you say that all of us don’t know when to hand over because one ATC didn’t do it when you expected


These IFATC has no clue what they are doing topics are the best. Almost every time someone creates a topic like this, it turns out the topic creator did not understand procedures. The best course of action is to PM the controller and ask them why they did an action.


It’s fair to say that the communication interface, and its limitations, will obviously cause some difficulties where in real life a quick “plain english” conversation would sort things…

For example, last week I was cruising towards Istanbul and that airport didn’t have any Arrival procedures… So I programmed my own ‘STAR of sorts’ that joined me to my planned approach.

But this meant I had no access to a descent request while with Centre… No approach request available either because of the distance… So I improvised by asking for a descent to the altitude where my approach started.

This did the trick as the centre controller must have seen my FP as they just straight away cleared me to approach my expected ILS. I continued on my descent with my FP until later I was provided vectors.

I guess there will always be some scenarios where such a logical workaround won’t be an option…

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