Atc does Some random Things

Not more than like 10-20 minutes ago i got a level 2 violation because i was not “following instructions”. I

I was on approach into Berlin Brandenburg airport on the tower frequency when apparently approach came online. I got a message to switch to them because i was in “an active airspace” so i switched to approach. Then quite quickly after that i got a message from tower because i was “in an active airspace” so i switched back to tower. After like 3-4 times of This back and fourth bullcrap i got a level 2 violation for not following ATC Instructions and disconnected from the server. Atc really need to make There mind up.

Sorry for this rant, I was a bit annoyed.

Hi there, if that was in Expert, please contact your controller(s) via PM to understand what happened and also @appeals (afterwards) in case you still feel that this was unjustified. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hi, yes it was on expert server. I only know the IF-Username of the guy that gave me the violation but not if he was the approach or tower atc. How do you PM someone on here?

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If you look at Julian’s post above, where it says @ appeals, if you click on it, then it’ll show you a blue “Message” button. Press on the message button, write your message and then wait for Moderator or Staff to contact you back regarding your inquiry.


At the moment the tower controller is @CaptainNajeeb and the approach controller is @Julius97

The display name of the controller will always be their ifc name. They cannot control without linking their ifc.

Please contact the controller and if needed you can invite @appeals to the message.

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I didn’t give any violation yet!

Uhm… pardon me? I only said you were the tower controller at the moment…

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Oh no no no no

What is the username? His/her in-game username should match their username on the forum.


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