ATC Distances

If I am over 30 miles from an active tower and I am climbing and flying away from said tower. Why keep telling me I am in an active airspace when I am unable to contact said tower. Does anybody know what the range of the tower is? I think it’s about 25/30 miles as that’s when it shows in the radio panel.

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This is typical playground. #flyadvanced and you won’t have this problem ;)


What if he’s grades 1-2

Then use freeflight; ATC isn’t accessible.

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IRL it depends. In most of Europe you under control of Tower only on final or if you fly in pattern. Basically tower only control landings and takeoffs and vfr pattern. It’s up to approach or centre to give spacing and vectors.

They were just being stupid a trying to make you mad

I’ve had this issue on advanced before. I was inbound to EGBB one time and I was sent an on-guard warning; however, I was unable to contact the frequency.

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It’s ~15 nm.


Incorrect! It’s 25-30NM

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I believe the frequency for tower is available around 20-30 nm for the pilot. However, I think the towers airspace on IF is around a 10mile radius of airport.

This is towers airspace

True but if you are not responding to my on guard messages with no approach and you are 5 miles from runway then we are going to have problems.

I shall try and we will see 😈

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