ATC Display Issues

Hey everyone,

I’m having an issue where when I control ATC, an aircraft icon does not flash when they send a message or turn green when they are cleared. I wanted to ask if anyone knows a fix for this as it adds some more difficulty with controlling busy airports.

More Context

  • Tower Frequency (I haven’t tried ground or radar yet)
  • iPhone X
  • iOS 13.3.1

But it seems that you were able to clear me tho?

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Yes, I was able to clear you but your aircraft icon did not turn green for me.

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I had that same issue when controlling that Russian airport today. It eventually started working but yeah it worked for me

iPhone 6s
IOS 13.3 (I think, last time I checked)

Did you try anything in peticular that made it work?

It wasn’t working a couple days ago aswell but I ignored it.

Not really that I remember, I think it corrected itself. But for me all the aircraft turned white for a good amount of time when controlling instead of blue

I’m going to try update the iOS real quick and spawn in to KFAT again to try. Would you mind flying a pattern in a few minutes?

Yeah sure ping me

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I know that ATC has a few buggy moments. Best thing to do is restart the app from the top of my knowledge.

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I’ve tried an app restart but I’m going to update the iOS to 13.4

@TRDubh I was running the same iOS as you, 13.3.1 and i had same issue. I can’t install it rn but tell me if iOS 13.4 fixes anything for you

Will do. It’ll probably be 15 or so minutes.

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@Populeux_Music Would you be available to do patterns at KFAT to test it out please?

I’m about to sleep rn. Maybe tomorrow

Okay, I’ll go control KLAX and update everyone on if it works.

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You should spawn in at KLAX in the TS n’as the moment it goes offline you can take KLAX and test it pit

Oof we had the same idea

I got it. I’ll update you soon.

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Edit: It works, thanks everyone.


Okie dokie