ATC Disconnection

I was flying in the expert server for the EGLL event day before yesterday. I was following all instructions given by ATC but still they disconnected me.
It was not a report but i couldn’t continue the flight.
What could be the reason ?

Maybe there could’ve been some communication issues?

Your replay file would be a great help to find out exactly why this occured.

I took off from EGLL and tower told me to change frequency… But there were so many controllers that when I connected to one they told me to change frequency…
I did not know which frequency to contact since i wanted to touch and go at EGLL…
I followed any instruction the ATC gave me but i wasn’t connected to any frequency, no controller sent me a guard warning and just disconnected me.

If you don’t get a specific frequency to contact than don’t contact any. Just leave the frequency,

Normally at such a high demand event as well you aren’t aloud to do touch and gos, I wasn’t there so could not comment on what was happening.


You can’t do pattern work unless ATC allowed it, but if you are inbound for a single touch ‘n go it is fine.

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Ohh… well i didn’t know that… Thanks for telling me
But atleast I’m happy i did not get reported


It’s usually in the ATIS information whether or not you’re allowed pattern work.

If it’s as busy as you said it was, then chances are high they weren’t allowing pattern work to begin with.

If you have any questions about the disconnect, I’d suggest you contact the controller(s).

Take care :)

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I think the tower controller told you to change frequency to reduce the workload for the people controlling the approach frequencies. At least that happened to me when departing EGLL during the event.

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