ATC disconnected

I like to say „Thank You“ to my friendly ATC Controller from the Alps @Luu !!!

Thanks for disconnecting me and not to give me an Violation!

My mistake was that I didn’t take enough fuel with me. Actually not either, but unfortunately something personal came up and therefore I couldn’t go into the descent. the fuel ran out and the plane began to descend into a heavily frequented airspace. ATC couldn’t reach me and instead of giving me a violation they just disconnected me so nothing worse could happen.

I like to say Thank you again, and thanks to all ATC Controller the give us in there FREE TIME a bit more realistic. The doing all a great JOB!

Thanks @Luu


Til atc can disconnect you from the server

That sounds like a real friend! I think we will be more than happy to read your post :)

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He will be so happy when he wakes up!
(Hi @Luu :))))) you’re a great controller)

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This sounds so nice i hope when i get in to such a sittuation i also get in contact with a controller that is as nice as the one that you had there 👍

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i think this sittuation could be in a few hours as you dont have that much fuel left on your current ES server flight. Lets hope the Hero of the day will be there for you. He is a real superman!!!


Yea that’s possible, when you are not able to communicate. And before you get reported the controller and disconnect and nothing happens. Only the flight is gone. 😉


Your friendly controller from the Alps


love it! Thanks @Luu


The true heror! Can i get an autograph from you? You are the best ATC conroller i know


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