ATC disconnected from session for not responding, but no aircraft on frequency

Infinite Flight Version:

  • 21.08


  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • Android 11, One UI 3.1

I was controlling KASE recently when my frequency button kept blinking orange even when I had no aircraft on frequency. Shortly thereafter, I was disconnected saying I had not responded to a message in 120 seconds.

Possible Cause:
About 3 minutes earlier, I had cleared a pilot for an ILS approach. As I sent the handoff to the tower frequency, they requested a new approach, followed immediately by a response to my handoff (I assume using the “Send & Switch” response) and contacting tower. After this pilot switched to tower, I had no other aircraft on frequency. blinking began after pilot switched frequency

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Launch IF
  2. Spawn as ATC (in this case, KASE)
  3. clear pilot for ILS
  4. send a handoff to another frequency, pilot request new approach at the same time
  5. pilot acknowledges handoff and switched to a different frequency

Expected Result:
frequency button does not blink, I continue my session with no disconnect

Actual Result:
frequency button blinks, nothing stops it, disconnected from session 2 minutes later with message saying I have not responded to a message in 120 seconds


(Button that was blinking orange circled in purple)

(Handoff to tower appears first, but the timestamp is 3 sec after the request for a visual appr)


I think I have responded to someone having a similar issue a while back, not sure, I’ll try to dig back and find.

Ding ding ding @GHamsz we have a repro.

I’ll add that looking back at when I’ve experienced this, it’s not just the specific scenario mentioned here, but it’s generally if the controller gives any kind of frequency change and the pilot sends a message at the same exact time.


I also had this happen…

Also Happening To me Sometimes 🤨

I’ve had this. There is actually a fix!

If you see the aircraft on your frequency will show up blue. However some that are tuned into your frequency will turn up white. Sometimes during disconnection periods planes will turn white or even go grey.

They may send a message on frequency however this counts as a messages to your frequency but you can’t see it as they are not on your right-side menu.

To fix it just make sure all aircraft on your frequency or blue by either tapping on the plane or if they continue to show while click on them swipe turn off the right side menu and then re-click them.

Also the aircraft may be really far away and was previously on your frequency and still tuned in. This could also be a cause of the issue

Hope this helps!

I wish we could get a consistent repro of this, sometimes this can happen when no commands are sent so this wouldn’t account for those instances.

Interesting. As far as I know it only happens when messages are sent

I can’t reproduce using those steps.

iPhone 6s
iOS 15.3

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I had no other white or blue aircraft on my frequency when this happened 😦 (I did check for any)


Some aircraft may be grey on your end, but on their end are requesting something

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