ATC Disconnect

So I already did a thread on this but the problem has decided to present itself again. After approx 15 minutes of any ATC interaction (either if I’m controlling or I’m flying) I lose all communication with other pilots or controllers. I’ll send messages but receive no response, and often get called up on guard. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, any other suggestions???

Try to turn down all of your graphic settings aswell as restart your internet router


Could you provide your OS and hardware you’re using?

Yeah, I’m on IOS 11.2.1 using an iPhone 8+

Try what my comment says. Turn down the graffics and restart internet router and device before a flight

I think there was a server reset roughly the same time you posted this topic. Is your issue still persisting?

May I ask, how will turning down graphics affect a connection issue? I can see restarting the router helping but…

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Just did that, no change…

Yes, issue still persisting

The issue is with your device or your network connection.

Is it any different on cellular vs wifi?
Reset your wifi router?
How does it respond on a less crowded airport?
How much free space do you have? It has to download all those planes.

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Cellular is definitely worse, resetting WiFi router had no effect on it. I’ve got 27.5 gigs of free space on my phone, and a less crowded airport does give me more time of working frequency, but eventually does stop working (about 30min).

Ive noticed that i cannot be on cellular and have to be on wifi.

Do you know what speed/type your internet is? and im assuming its a constant connection? (Satellite doesnt always stay connected, even a millisecond loss of connection could cause this problem, and then Cable internet can be slowed based on how many people around you are using it)

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