Atc disconnect you

Hi guys… So this is about a problem i’ve been overgoing all these days. I have been trying to do long haul flights on the expert server. Whenever i do these type of flight I stay away feom my device. Either I sleep, or do something else. But whenever i overfly an airspace I see that i got disconnected by an ATC for not responding and that just ruins hours of flight! What to do???


At what alt are you flying?

this shouldn’t be an issue as the “away” icon should let you pass through undisturbed… maybe contact the controller?

EDIT: Assuming you are flying through center airspace (above 18000)

Is it about the altitude?

I was flying at FL30
So was that the problem my altitude??

so 3000 ft? yes it would be

You mean 3000 or 30,000 ft?

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3000ft or 30000ft? 3000 WOULD be a problem, 30000ft would NOT be a problem

3000ft long-haul, lmao

Make sure you ARE at your cruising altitude.

ATC is allowed to disconnect you when climbing or descending.

Also, FL30 (3.000ft) is very low

Flight levels (usually) start at class A airspace (18000 feet so FL180).
before that you just state the altitude you’re at.

Flight levels go from FL180 to FL600.
To add to that you have to take the direction of travel into consideration.
Westerly heading or easterly heading.
RVSM and so on. Gets really deep just talking about flight levels.

However, if you flew at 3000 feet, you just say 3000 feet and not FL30.

I am almost certain you meant to say FL300 because you were talking about overflying an airspace.

If you have any questions regarding a disconnect I would first talk to the controller before talking to anybody else (forum excluded of course).

Take care and happy flying. :)


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