ATC Directions

I find it annoying when inbound flights do not follow ATC instructions on the training server. It makes it a very hectic experience for ATC controllers and those following ATC instructions when 4 planes are trying to land back to back with zero to no spacing. No wonder why so many people get ghosted when they upgrade to level 3 and play on the expert server.

For those of you follow ATC instructions, you’re the real MVP.


Can’t really do anything about it on training server. Sorry to hear about your experience.:(

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Sorry to say that ATC on the Training Server is mainly that way. If you want professional and experienced ATC, you should fly on the Expert Server.

Also another tip from the ones mentioned above, is that if you are controlling on the Training Server, to train at less popular airfields than KLAX, KSFO, KJFK, EGLL etc and focus on some smaller fields.

You may get less traffic but you have a higher chance of having more pilots that follow your instructions.


I got your feeling man.

Is making me very tired every time I’m controlling and someone don’t obey the order and I had to hold everybody else that is following the instructions waiting until that specific user finish his actions.

Is very disappointing, everybody is trying have fun. We should have a way to control this in TS, not ghosted, but give a Violation perhaps.


He isn’t talking about ATC…He is talking about the pilots.

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That’s correct. I should’ve made myself more clear.

Here is where I controlled the most before becoming IFATC.

  • Düsseldorf EDDL
  • KSSC
  • KVAD
  • YBBN
  • EHAM (approach and departure)
  • KPSP
  • OMDB
    If you open a tracking thread, people should follow instructions.
    Consider becoming IFATC because they must follow My (ATC) instructions.
    Good luck!

Unfortunately it also applies to ATC on Training.

As a pilot I try to avoid Training.

I’m all for giving ATC the chance to learn, but things like “State intentions” when I have a complete flight plan or “Report airport in sight” after being handed over from Approach to Tower, tend to bum me out.

There’s no way to let ATC know that what they’re saying/doing doesn’t make sense, so.

Something like: “Please check help pages for assistance giving ATC instructions” would be helpfull. ;)


That’s a really nice idea. IFATC flying on the TS should perhaps have the option to let ATC know when they have made an error. It might improve the quality of trainees.


I’d like that, just like how we tell players to seek Assistance using atc instructions. IFATC could have a panel saying things like “We advise you to check the forums for further ATC improvement” or “please check Infinite Flight on YouTube for development using ATC commands”.


Oh ok. Well if he wants a more realistic experience where pilots do follow the instructions in fear of being ghosted, he should fly on the expert server. The ATC is also more proficient.

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