ATC Difficulties Command

My Idea:

A new ATC command

What does it do

Informs pilot/ATC about communication/connection issues

Where would we find it

We would find it in Broadcast/Misc Messages

Why would we need this

Having this command would let pilots know of the situation to prevent frustrated and angered pilots.

I have terrible internet often and with that feature you can tell that the pilots! You should also extend this on pilots!
I left a vote.

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But should you really be flying with connectivity problems?
If i was, i would immediately fix it or if it started mid flight, i would land at an empty airport.


You never know, problems can start mid-flight over a controlled airfield. And we ain’t trying to be ghosted.

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If you are controlling on TS, you can always just stop controlling if the connection is bad. If you are on ES, IFATC doesn’t want you controlling unless you have a good connection. If you are flying, you can always change your call sign to 7600/NORDO for communications troubles(which are caused by connection issues). Bottom line, if you are having trouble with your connection while controlling, stop controlling until it gets better. If you are flying, there are ways to inform the controller that you have connection issues

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Well the only place i would see this useful is when spawning into a busy airport but then again, Wouldn’t you end the flight to fix it?

In terms of flying near your arrival airport, it would be more logical to just land at a nearby empty airport instead of putting pressure on the the approach or tower controller.

IFATC can ghost for communication issues, which are reversed once you contact a moderator


IFATC would ghost you immediately anyway so 🤷‍♀️

IFATC will not ghost if you are not interfering and will usually try to let you land when less busy.


On the pilot side: If you are having connection issues you should divert to an uncontrolled airfield, especially on busy days. Announcing you are having connection issues doesn’t help anyone. If you are going off the radar screen and back on, you are a potential issue for all other A/C around you, regardless if you announce connection problems or not.

On the ATC side: should not be controlling if connection issues are present. If it arises mid-controlling session, announcing it to pilots will also not make it any better since the controller can’t give proper service.


I dont see why not I would think this would be a easy add.

The question is not if it is easy, but rather if it has any valid purpose.


I think it’s a good idea, but if you have connectivity issues how can you send it?

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Maybe an autosend or you can send when your network is choppy

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ATC that would be cool to add in:

(T) NFSX, you haven’t been given clearance to land, please expedite.
(T) NFSX, you are aligned with a closed runway. please follow ATC instructions or you will be ghosted (ghosted part on expert only).
(G) NFSX, please taxi at a suitable speed.
(G) NFSX, you are taxiing to the wrong runway, taxi to runway ## and contact tower when ready.
(G) NFSX, gate is too small for aircraft. (Meant for aircraft that landed and taxied to a small gate even if it is too late.)
(A/D) NFSX, ### position, left/right turns, decend and maintain FL###/####ft and contact Tower when expedited altitude change. (Not too much this one).
(G/T/A/D) NFSX, please acknowledge ATC instructions. (We need this one, it is meant as in when pilots follow the commands, but don’t acknowledge it/press the reply button).

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pilot perspective: I think people can report it whenever they can which allows them to avoid ATC instructions on the server. How are you gonna track connection issues and prevent that users abuse this system. If a controller assumes a pilot doesn’t receive messages or has a bad connection the pilot can actually follow his own flightplan and disturb the traffic. Or does your idea work differently?

ATC perspective: It could be a nice thing for controllers who experience issues with disappearing aircraft. If it happens continually it’s better to leave and hand it over to another controller.

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Am I the only one thinking if your having connection issues with ATC or aircraft already in regards to contacting someone with commands how are you supposed to send this said command if you can’t contact them in the first place?🤔


We have a check rwy assignment already.

We have please follow instructions and please follow instructions or be ghosted

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As in runway, for ground use, and acknowledge, for all use. When pilots listen to commands but don’t press ‘reply’

nudge, since this should be in