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I was at KLAS on the Expert server when I took off and at about 3000ft agl, I requested departure to the west but then IFATC told me to check tutorials on IFC. What did I do wrong?

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Simply. If you arent remaining in the pattern you have to say your departure direction when you request for take off :)

so you only need to request a departure to if your flying VFR. I just check in then once your Out of their airspace they will give a frequency change.

If tower hands you off to approach and you are not flying VFR all you have to do is check in. ATC (Departure) will only give you vectors or altitude changes if there’s a traffic conflict. If it’s only tower you already requested the direction of your departure when you requested takeoff

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Let’s make this as simple as possible:

Tower only (no approach) - declare how you will exit the airspace when you request takeoff (e.g., straight out, N/E/S/W. Takeoff and request nothing else until tower gives you a frequency change. Bonus - Don’t request frequency change, you will get it when you are clear of potential conflicts and the controller has prioritized other commands

Tower with approach or departure - If you have a flight plan (and that should be all commercial aircraft for you Realism™ junkies out there), just checkin. No need to request anything else until you are given a frequency change (which usually will be around 18,000FT AAL and/or 50NM).

What not to do:

  • Checkin with approach, then issue a second command requesting flight following. More than half of pilots do this and it is completely unnecessary. Also, once again for the Realism™ junkies, flight following is for VFR aircraft which a commercial jetliner will never be (yes I’m talking to you A380 pilot flying to KLAX)

  • Ask tower for departure N/E/S/W when you have already been cleared for takeoff. There is just no need. This is reserved for aircraft in the pattern (meaning flying pattern work) who now want to depart the airspace instead of continuing their pattern work


When do I request remaining in the pattern at takeoff? Lastly for you Realism™ junkies, remaining in the pattern means you intend to takeoff, turn crosswind, downwind, base and land/touch-and-go/low pass/whatever else you want to do at the same airport you just departed from. And while your at it, plan to fly your pattern at the correct pattern altitude which is 1,000AAL for props/GA and 1,500 AGL for jets


Your best bet is to contact the controller at that time. Your controller was likely @PlaneCrazy . Contact him so you can know why :)


I want to know by IFATC team about this phrase
Always, when I contact the airport [IFATC]. He told this sentence even though I have already moved to ATIS.
Sometimes, he told me if you didn’t contact to ATIS, I’ll report you…
What should I do in this situation?

The check help pages and tutorials message exists for a reason. It does not necessarily mean that you will be ghosted right away, but you should realize that you’re likely doing something contrary to the controller’s instructions.

If you’re ever confused about why you received CHP from a controller, you can always reach out to them and ask. They’re more than willing to help you out by educating pilots and making expert as best as it can be.

I’m already following instructions
But they still send me this message, and in some situations when I ask permission to land… they send this phrase even though he knows I follow his instructions. I think some IFATC Teams have an arrogance about this verification message. I don’t want to include names, but I want staff team to advise them not to send this message unless if he really know he didn’t follow his instructions.

in the next time…
If I face the same situation, and they still repeat this verification message, although I did what he want and contact ATIS.
I will report him to the recruitment administration for this problem.

I’m not sure what your exact situation was, but again, you can always reach out to the controller on the forum and ask why you received CHP.

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Sorry for not understanding what I mean, but thank you.
Yes, of course, I will contact them to make the expert server more perfect.


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Yep, that was me!

@Hardlanding_Hussain As indicated above, the reason I sent you the message is because your departure request was unnecessary. When you requested takeoff (not remaining in the pattern) and I cleared you, you where automatically cleared for a departure and didn’t need to request one again. You only need to use this command when you are in the pattern and want to leave it or after a transition in which you do not intend to land. Please review the posts above and feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions. Have a good day!


Thanks a lot! You made me learn something new! I’ve realized how many departure controllers I’ve annoyed lol! Thancc


Thank you for coming on IFC like prompted and figuring it out. Wish more did this!

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