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First off, I want to apologize if this has already been brought up. I was playing as an ATC departure controller, when a couple of inbound flights requested vectors to an open runway. Are departure controllers allowed to guide incoming flights while there is an active approach controller?

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I would assume not if approach is active. If they contact you, just hand them off to approach.


Yep, I would just say that. But if there is no Approach active, then I just vector them to the runway.


In Infinite Flight, departure and approach have the same tools and in some cases, functions. Approach will vector departures and departure will occasionally vector aircraft for the approach. In this instance, if you were not in direct contact with the approach controller, hand off to approach and focus on separating your departures.


If you’re taking inbounds then I would open both the Departure and Approach frequencies, if they are both available. If not do what @naro and @DiamondGaming4 said.


Thanks everyone for the clarification!

To follow up on the thoughts of my colleagues.

Approach will normally vector in for landings
Departure will normally vector aircraft for departures.
Sometimes at certain airports there is only one or other type of frequency. During this, that frequency will be used for or rather can be used for both.
When you have both approach and departure, departure can be helpful in 3 ways.

  1. Keep aircraft out of the approach path
  2. Handle approach for a specific direction of the airport and specific runway when you are dealing with a very busy airport.
  3. Handle the initial approach for aircraft, handing aircraft off to approach when aircraft on on the downwind for any runway.

So now, how can you use this. Work with someone and choose and airport to control that way. Have fun with it, if you are interested in joining the IFATC later you’ll do this quite often. It is great fun to work with another individual. Do the same for Tower and Approach or Tower and Departure. You can use PM’s in IFC to communicate between one another and share information as necessary.

It is great fun to work with others or handle multiple frequencies so enjoy!

Best wishes and great work @trio, @DiamondGaming4, @naro.

Happy Flying,


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