ATC Departure procedures question

Hey all! Just got a question that will probably be very simple for so many of you to answer!

So I just departed from SCEL and am enroute to FACT. I departed the aiport and there were 3 ATC frequencies (ATIS, Ground and Tower). As I rotated and began my departure I flew the runway heading for a bit, then requested a departure to the east as there was no other departure or center frequencies. The controller then gave me the “check forums for instructions” message and then approved me to change frequencies.

I am just a bit confused, is it wrong to request a departure from tower? Did the controller make a mistake or am I just missing something super simple? Any help would be awesome!


Hi there. When you are departing an airport and requesting takeoff, you already gave your direction. That request you did is only used for pattern work when you want to depart after that.

Check this out for more help:


Fast typer, huh.


OHHHH! Haha what a silly mistake I made lol. I’ve just gotten back into IF recently, which would explain these weird errors I’m making! Thank you

No worries. We are all learning new things everyday! Hope to see you in the skies 😊

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That was me (the controller)! And Drummer is correct, the direction of your departure is included in the takeoff clearance, so no need to ask again.


Makes sense, sorry about that man!

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You too man! Have a good one!

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