ATC: Decline options asked by pilots


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I think, under misc messages, there should be an option to decline things like an aircraft requesting taxi to a red runway or maybe when aircrafts ask to change runway.

Comment your thoughts


Would be nice!

“(Callsign), requested runway is closed, taxi to runway xx”
“(Callsign), runway change denied”


I totally agree.


This would come in handy! Many people at KLAX request taxi to different runways. One time this A380 wanted taxi to Rwy 07L, because many people were lined up waiting for takeoff at Rwy 25R. So the controller spammed “requested runway is closed, taxi to runway 25R” In my opinion, the controller was wrong to spam. And the Pilot was wrong to taxi to a different runway because he thought he would take a “shortcut”

Anyway, this’d be a great Idea for ATC. I totally support it!


I totally agree with Joe!


Pretty much said the same thing earlier today.

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Not really. His request is is general, with your request being an example of his.


yes Sean…finally we getting somewhere…i love that


Ok so requests should be specific but not that specific? Where else could you use denied other then runway take off where you can just use back taxi?


Back taxi is only used where a runway hasn’t got a taxiway at the end of it. So a controller says back taxi to go up and on the runway and then turn around to line up. You shouldn’t be using back taxi to ask pilots to go to a different runway as this may cause confusion and potentially an accident.


@jooeball… Interesting… RTFM


What do you mean?


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@JonDoe I don’t think he meant anything by it.
@jooeball we all need be cautious what we say to one another especially if you haven’t interacted before as their is a broad spectrum of people on this fourm.


Never realized what I said could have been offensive?? He has said

on two different threads to me.


I don’t think it was offensive I was just saying anything can be taken wrong.


Oh alright then


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they will give information about the next update