ATC declare an emergency

How do I declare an emergency to ATC. I’ve heard others do it a few times.

You need to have low fuel and have been flying for some time.

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Fuel emergencies require -

  • 1+ hours of flight time (the exact time is debatable)
  • Less than 30 minutes of fuel remaining
  • Unicom on Training, otherwise only on Expert

Also I only believe it’s on the expert sever but I may be wrong I have never needed to declare an emergency.

@Adam_Rae1… MaxSez: IF does not Do “Emergencies” On any Server. There disruptive cause every Peanut want’s to do a Mayday cause they can. Search the term Emergencies or Mayday for a full explanation. “Low Fuel State” is NOT an emergency. It’s PPPP, a Pilot Error. Never anticipate priority landing in this case alway go for a Divert. MaxSends


I believe fuel emergencies are on Training too. Not sure about casual, you may be able to declare the fuel emergency in casual’s unicom, like the other servers, but not 100% sure.

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You can declare it on Unicom on training


I have had someone declare an emergency as I was controlling OMDB on training

I also met someone who announced an emergency when I was at Rjtt Tower.

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