ATC Cut out

I have just departed from EGKK and was told to contact London Center, where I announced my intentions, but for the reply and every atc message since, I cannot hear it. I can see all the messages at the top of my screen but I have no sound, I checked my ATC sound in settings and it was on max.

Anything I can do? I can still hear the game

The sound gets back on when you say something to ATC.

But if you do not want to do that… you are screwed

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Hmmm, I will just have to contact shannon centre when available as I’m doing a trans-Atlantic. Thanks for your help

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No problem 😃

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What I do when that happens is I change the ATC voice around, it pretty much always solves the problem

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Are you iOS or Android?

This can be reproduced many ways. One of them being if you pause Infinite Flight by going to another app and then back. Usually it will only affect ATC voice though. Another common way is if your Silent Mode is on or your Transmission Audio Sound was down. There’s a few other ways as well but those are the main ones.

If you can’t get them back on this flight… When you’re done flying, close the app and restart and you should get voice commands back.


Ok, thank you, it doesn’t matter now as my game just crashed anyway

Sorry to hear. The Infinite Flight Staff and Development Team are aware of these crashes and are working tirelessly to try to fix them ASAP! As for the ATC issue though; Spawn back in and just check if the issue is still present with an app restart.


Ok, will do