ATC || Customise different views on radar and camera

Today I am requesting a feature to help all controllers. The idea is to split the screen or have different screen “menus” to have a better view of traffic. It would work with both the camera and the radar. With the camera for example you could have, like real world controllers, different views of different parts of the airport. For ground it would be handy especially at airports like EHAM where you constantly have to move the camera a lot. With this system there’s non of that anymore you already determine the best views you want to keep. This would be especially handy with @GHamsz ‘s feature request. New ATC camera option

That’s something every controller has at LSGG. When they start controlling they put their badge and the map is customised like they predetermined. For example I would like a second map which is zoomed on the localiser (look below). It would be good if we can vector on the secondary map. Like that in this example we can stay zoomed out and have a global view of the approach line and then when we need to clear we don’t need to zoom in and back out again.

Hope you like it and if you have any questions I’m happy to answer. I understand I’m not the best at explaining and it’s a hard feature to explain since we have nothing similar.

Why can’t I help but notice the call sign “DEADBODY” on the frequency? 😂

Nice request!


Hadn’t noticed that🤣 I recorded the session and watched bits of it multiple times without noticing…😬

Nice catch 😉

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions if my explanation for the feature request isn’t clear!