ATC Crashing On iPad Pro

I’m using I pad pro and ATC keeps crashing.

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This should be in #support

ATC is crashing because of overload. Too many request at the same time.

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Your iPad Pro shouldn’t be crashing. Are you using any beta software or is your device jailbroken/ rooted?


Nope and I’m not controlling much ATC either.

Are you using the latest versions or IOS and Infinite Flight?

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This is quite strange for an iPad Pro. Answer what Carson said above. ^^ Could help figure the problem out.

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Background apps?

Had the same problem. Had to turn down the graphics settings. Still crashes on occasion.

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I am using the latest software of both my iPad and IF. After the second time I closed all apps and reset my iPad holding down home and lock button at the same time and the problem still continued.

How much hard drive space do you have available? Do you have lots of photos and videos stored requiring high memory usage? I’ve noticed that having lots of files stored can slow it down slightly.

Try reinstalling

Hi have 10.7GB remaining.

And the total capacity of yours is 32GB, correct? I have an iPad Pro myself and I notice that Infinite Flight seems to act differently based on how much space I have (unless I’m just consciously thinking this theory). This may not be the reason why IF is crashing on your iPad, but I’m simply sharing my experience.

The capacity of your device shouldn’t have anything to do with performance, please reinstall then get back to us:)


Hmm… I must just be imagining things. I thought for sure it changed the way it rendered when you have a boat-load of stuff saved.

Yes 32GB of storage

Ok. Great. Reinstall the app and let us know once you’ve done that.

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I’ve done all of the above and I still experience the app crashing when I am running ATC on PG

Hmm that’s odd. I had an app crash while flying only once but I’ve never had it crash while doing ATC.

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I know it doesn’t make sense. I just deleted the app again, did a reset, and reinstalled. We will see if it continues.