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Hi all, with the recent changes that occurred at the start of the month how can we track which region is active for the day?

I tried you search and look around to no avail, may have missed it 😬



The ATC regions works by ATC being assigned a region of which they can control (e.g. Europe-west).
The ATC are spread across different regions around the globe of which they can open simultaneously!

For this reason all airports inside that region are ATC choice and so there is no set region for the day. ATC will open in their region and their region only so you may see many regions open in a single day!

This is why you may seen airports such as London Heathrow and New York JFK open at the same time!

The exception is Friday of which there is a set Friday night Flight as usual, this will be posted on the forum!

Hope this helps :)


You can visit to see which regions have active ATC at airport.

It would be a good idea for IFATC Controllers to plan their control period and then we could see when some airport will be opened.


If you have a look, there are some region tracking threads to each ATC region, here you will see upcoming mini events and also many controllers may put on the thread when they are opening! :)


Thank you all for the info! Very helpful 🙂👍

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I’ve just checked the IFATC live Web page, and there’s 2 airports open at present… Brest and Dubai.

No, now its Sion and Dubai.

There’s no approach controller so I think there’s potential for some very interesting pattern entries into Sion 😳

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