ATC coverage

I want to do a flight from EGLL—>UUDD but I know that the second airport barely gets my ATC coverage. Is there a website we’re you can ask someone to control the airspace when you approach? Something like pilotedge from X-Plane.


Hi are you on the training server or expert? If TS you can request ATC here.


I can enter both Training and Expert servers

TS stands for training server (Sorry I write that when I’m in a rush lol). If you are flying on the training server, post in the topic I’ve attached above and you might it’s not guaranteed you’ll get ATC but there’s a chance. If your flying on the expert server, there’s a group called IFATC and they only open featured airports on there schedule.

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Here’s the link to find out where IFATC are today.

Beat me to it @Matt93. 😂