ATC Coordination

would be simple to make the notice bar only show atc facilities with 25 miles of station. also, it would be simple to anncounce to a controller that one or more of the atc stations in their facilitiy are active. “London Heathrow Departure is Active.”

Also, large airports need to be segmented into sectors on TS. Especially London Heathrow.

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You can already see the status of which airports are opening and closing on the whole server to the far right under the Status tab on the far left. To address the second part of your post, what do you mean by segmented into sectors?


HOLY COW! Not sure how I’ve never found this function!

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wait, is this in game? or the start menu?

I originally thought you were joking.

It’s in game while controlling, above the tower view tab. Additionally on the map, in the top left corner occasional notifications will pop up, orange when a frequency is closed and green when a frequency is opened.

Please excuse my picture of a misbehaving pilot from a few weeks ago (:


ooooooo, i thought this was for pilots to see while flying… now i am sad

Aww man!

That would be pretty awesome though. I assumed the original poster was talking about the ATC interface since this post was under the ATC category.

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ahh yea, guess I missed that little detail

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We can’t regulate ATC like that on TS1. Multiple controllers can be in a station at once only on expert server.

Airports like EGLL Need to be segmented into North and South approach on the training server. These are perennially the best airports for high-volume, yet because it’s a training environment, the controllers, myself included, can get overwhelmed quite easily and not provide good service. There is room for to approach controllers at Heathrow

Although it is possible, and happens on the expert server, it isn’t on the training server because there is no facility to communicate between controllers. Have a split approach requires constant communication between the two halves, and there is no way to do that.

Because there aren’t really any rules it would almost certainly result in abuse and trolling.

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