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Hey all,
I recently was doing ATC at YSSY (Sydney airport) as GRD and TWR. At the time I had a B738 departing from RWY 34R and an A320 who was flying around doing something. I proceeded to ask the A320 for their intentions but received a standby until it was North West of Sydney. This is when I ran into trouble, the B738 was right behind the A320 to the South East and was requesting departure to the West. At this time the A320 was doing small circles slightly North West of the B738 and I knew that the B738 would have to cross paths with the A320. At this point, I told the B738 standby then proceeded to request the A320 to change heading or at least an altitude change. This is when disaster struck! I realised that as ATC TWR I couldn’t ask them to change heading or altitude. This soon became a big problem and in the end, the B738 went within minimum separation limits of each other then the B738 changed frequency without requesting as they thought I couldn’t do my job effectively. So my problem is, did I just not find the request altitude or heading button or does TWR not have control over that which would be a big issue.

Thanks a lot, James L


Hello James!

I’m assuming that this is on Training Server. Training Server is a place for pilots and controllers like yourself to learn and develop their knowledge before moving into the expert server.

There isn’t much you can do in this situation as the pilot probably was still learning and ‘training’.

Also Tower doesn’t have a button to send altitude or heading changes, and only approach and departure frequencies are able to do that.

Hope this answered your question.


You can use extend upwind to help


Oh ok, well that’s fine as I’m about to do the tests for Expert ATC so it won’t be a problem. Thanks!


Isn’t upwind just used to get into a circuit pattern? I didn’t think that takeoff was upwind, when around or entering the circuit.

Takeoff is upwind hence why you can use that command. It doesn’t require a pattern to be illustrated.

You have a reason we do not have much to do to control this situation, maybe I would give the order to A320 to make R \ L 360 for spacing

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If an aircraft were to break separation while flying in this type of scenario then they would be subject to ghosting if they were flying and you were controlling, on expert. You are on training of course, but there is nothing in the command menu currently for tower that could alert the pilot that they will be breaking separation, in this type of scenario.

They most likely just wanted to leave your frequency, I highly doubt if they were flying through eachother that they would simultaneously be judging your abilities in a situation that you can’t control… 🙂


Good point although the A320 wasn’t listening to me. I would have done that next time thought.

I just read that takeoff is departure then you have crosswind and so forth.

this is not a judgment is just an idea and if the A320 was not listening you could talk to boeing, what I said was for you to have an idea of what I would do, and I did not understand your message

Yep ok thanks, I agree with your idea and thanks for letting me know that you didn’t understand it probably because of the spelling mistakes. Was actually just about to the the ATC expert theory test and passed.

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