ATC controlling web portal


What is an ATC portal?

A ATC portal is a online application in which Infinite flight pro subscribers can log into via a web browser to control airports in infinite flights global servers(Training/Expert).

What are the potential benefits of an ATC portal and why should I vote for it?

  • Allows for more accessibility for people who do not have Ipads to control airspace in global because they arn’t restricted to a small screen.

  • Greater accessibility will lead to more ATC controllers being active and therefore it will provide a more realistic and better environment for all.

  • Allows people to control airports while doing a flight in global.

  • A portal like this could allow infinite flight dev team to produce more details airport overlays and more features since they’re not restricted to the app.

Interesting idea, I think this would help in the case of someone trying to identify the person controlling them, don’t forget to vote for it yourself though.


I like the idea of a desktop app just for ATC, but not a website. Sounds like a cool 3rd party application idea though. :)


could also be a desktop appliaction tbh.

This is a really good idea! It would be awesome to see this implemented. You have my vote.


This is very good idea, but I suggest only Expert Server, why? I think these would require professional Air Traffic Controller like IFATC and make sure they know how to use it because we don’t know what it gonna like it. You got my vote!


I love that idea!
Sometimes I’m not certain on controlling or flying and with that I’ll be able to do both.


Thanks lets keep them rollin in.


I’d be interested in making a desktop app for this, however, you’d have to have IF open on your device on in controller view for it to work as the current Infinite Flight Connect API doesn’t support any sort of action while you’re away from your device, and the Live API doesn’t have any sort of support for this.


I peoblem i see with this and with IFATC it strictly says we are not allowed to fly and control at the same time i belive it says


I personally don’t think that more people will control as not everyone has access to a computer, laptop etc. but all in all it is a really cool idea!