ATC controlling airport not in the featured list

I’m at the event at EGCC and there is ATC here. However EGCC is not in the list of destinations on the IFATC schedule. Is this even allowed?

I think it is allowed because it’s in the region of the area that is featured

The exact wording is this though: “All other airports ATC choice from the EDDB destination list below”

It’s not MY event lol
I literally checked before the event to make sure there won’t be atc though

EGCC (London Stansted) is the only class Charlie so I am also a little confused.

The controller in particular (@USA_ATC) is still an Apprentice controller so he is only able to open Class Charlie. EGCC was I believe already opened. If all Class Charlie airports are taken, then the controller can choose any other Class C airport in the highlighted region.

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EGCC is not standsted LOL
Actually there is an issue: the event said both runways will be in use due to traffic volume. ATC is not taking 5R departures though to avoid backtaxiing. So we have like an 1 hour queue for one runway… I’m just gonna wait at gate until the queue clears up lol

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Yea, Stansted may have already been open, letting the controller pick any other airport within the region.

Im not at EGCC im at EGLC lol :)

you got the wrong dude.

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That’s why he’s asking. London City is not in the region so he’s wondering.

The problem is at EGCC… There is a flyout at EGCC.

What event is this?

also looking at that line it looks like you may be there for a while i will ask.

lol I’m just gonna wait for the line to clear up

It looks like @Kyle0705 is the current controller at EGCC. I’ll let Kyle explain why he opened at EGCC today.

I just realized my mistake 😂 I was saying Manchester, not Stansted

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Im sure he is making you use one runway to keep you all from having to cross 05L and create a second line waiting to cross.

He will be able to answer your question on a pm.

Have a good day,

My bad for getting everyone confused here lol


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