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Is it just me or am I wrong here please someone (mainly professional pilots who use this simulator). When I am flying (lets just say to JFK) . I usually set my GPS to land 4L if the wind is coming from 25 or 22 or 24 or around there. When I get in the airspace they tell me to land on 22R or L and when I request 4L they tell me to check the ATIS. I already have done this. Now, I went to flight school, I didn’t complete because of money issues but I went for a while and will complete one day. But I am pretty sure you are supposed to land into the wind. So why are they having me do that and having me take off with a tail wind? Also the other day I was over EWR at flight level 140 and JFK tower is sending me an on guard warning. His airspace isnt even at that altitud…so what is going on? It is hard for me to use this sim because of these issues. Then I have approach controllers sending me on guard messages while I am at 2000 feet already cleared to land by tower controller.

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I’m not sure I understand your question since runway 22’s heading are almost perfect headwind for the winds you stated coming from 25, 22 or 24…

Requesting 4L puts you tailwinds…So the controller probably instruct you check ATIS to make sure you saw winds and R/W in use…

On which server? Expert or Training?

At large airports such as JFK, as controllers, we try to adjust runways according to the wind. However, when traffic and safety allow, and in airports such as JFK it might be hard to do a runway change in accordance with redirecting all traffic and setting a whole new pattern with radar. We try our best, but sometimes unfortunately you will have to live with the rougher landings with the guarantee that efficiency and safety are at the top of the priority list. :)

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Ok I understand that, but the controller told me to check the ATIS as if I am Mia calculating something about the wind. And what about sending me an on guard message when I haven’t even passed EWR yet and am at FL140

And this is training level

So if wind is come in the direction of 220 wouldn’t it be best to fly a heading of 040 since you’re flying the headwind and not landing a tailwind. 22L would be perfect if the wind is coming from 040 because you’re landing on 22L which is the opposite of 040. That’s what I mean and vice versa for every other runway.

You want a runway number as close as possible as your wind direction to be headwind…

Winds 220 = Landing and deps R/W 22
Winds 040 = Landing and deps R/W 04

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If the wind is coming from 220 and you are on 22L how is that not flying with a tail wind? You’re flying with the wind at that point not into it? I don’t understand. How is that a head wind? A headwind would be flying with facing 220. At least this is what I was taught in ground school.

How can you be told to check the ATIS in training?

Ok. I used to think the same but the wind is coming forwards you from 220 so the wind is going the opposite of 220

The command is there in the menu but there is no ATIS published 😂

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Why is that a thing 😂

So if I’m on 22L and the wind is coming from 220 the wind is blowing towards the direction of the nose of my aircraft.

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The winds would be tailwinds for runway 22 I am 99% sure because I was once confuse but realised that was how it worked look it up and corrected me if I am wrong.

So….then I am right. You would want to take off on runway 4R. Hence taking off into the wind.

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Correct I am pretty sure but not certain is I don’t really fly that much I mainly ATC

So the person who wrote Winds 220 = Landing and deps R/W 22
Winds 040 = Landing and deps R/W 04 is incorrect? I’m being told two different things but I’m pretty sure who’s is what my instructor told me. Because the other way would be landing and TO with tailwinds.

Ok I am not sure if the ATIS reflects the METAR but I think t/o and departures should be 04 but take what @J-F_V into consideration because he is an ATC demon

My flight instructor said different though. And based on the compass rose that doesn’t make sense to me. I usually check on aviation weather the weather before making my approach plan into arriving airport. But what he said doesn’t make sense to me. I would be flying with tailwinds, and my approach into runways would be less stable that way.

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I was wrong. What JFV said was right. If the ATISis mirrored by the METAR