ATC Controllers

Line up and wait Runway X and they still holding short till you give them an Cleard for Take off ☠️


Expedite/ Immediately Takeoff ?

Let me finish my checklist first !


The I want to fly my flight plan excuse is such a joke. Most people that use this are ascending at 5000ft v/s and turning directly into oncoming traffic. Sorry I have to deconflict you from the conflict you created, but hey I know you just want to be left alone.

Go to an uncontrolled field or one without 50+ departures and inbounds if you want to fly the whole approach exactly as published.

Best to keep in mind that real life controllers take planes off their flight plans close to the field. They also have the benefit of metering and en route control not handing them six planes on top of themselves already in conflict…

Keep it “real”…


I want to add:
7/10 Don’t know how to “RAIS”, They report “Airport in sight” when they are above airport at 8K Altitude with ILS approach and they definietly does not “RAIS” 2K Altitude at the midddle of cone height with Visual approach!! You as controller saying to yourself: what should i do?!! :)


Yeah there are so many pilots taht don’t even know what they are doing in ATC menu but when something happens it starts always to blame the IFATC guys. 🤔🤔


RIAS + PFI 😬 this is how I deal with the situation


Hey, I was flying out of RJTT around the same time you were, and ATC was doing just fine, they even let me depart with my preset departure procedure. Also, sometimes even the best of IFATC make mistakes, thats just inevitable, and also likely considering the fact that there were about 150 arrivals at the time. So if you do still have a problem with it, maybe you could consider contacting the controller about it.


The one that annoys me the most is when I instruct, exit runway, cross runway x and contact ground. They exit switch to ground, hold short of runway and ask clearance to cross runway from ground. Smh

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Expert Server has its days too, you get told to do something, you do it, then they tell you follow instructions or check the guidebook even though you are following directions

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Or ask to ‘cross runway’ when they mean to depart, or state they ‘go around’ meaning staying in the pattern … Yes I avoid some ATC-ers but overall I’m very glad they are there and apreciate there time and effort. A busy airport on the expert server is a disaster due to misconduct of pilots … And I still make a lot of mistakes my self and am glad when ATC makes me aware.


Lmao 🤣 lmao 🤣 lol.

Again….you are misunderstanding. Read the initial post correctly sir. No one ever said their flight plan is absolute.

Correct. Never doubted that. There are follow up post that I wrote. If you tell me to disregard last message I will not execute last message. However you then tell me to please execute the message you tell me to disregard. This is what happened.

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There is no doubt that Controllers do mistakes in expert sever. There are trainers and Supervisors watching controllers performance to minimze this. but also many pilots do not listen or react properly to instructions.Few days ago I was controlling OMAA radar and belive me I faced several pilots ignoring the simplest instructions like heading. you tell them 180 and they turn to 220 and so on! I could report at least 5 with good reasons but I didn’t since I don’t like reporting unless it’s unavoidable. we only ask for following instructions. Hope we enjoy this great sim together,That’s All :)


Hey Hey,

Yes, I get your original dispute - indeed most controllers would / should leave you on your plan if everything is fine and there are no disputes. Often, if quiet, the only deviation might be to shorten the approach and re-establish you closer. If that’s not happening, you should really dm the controller as they want to learn how to improve things too.

Now, in case of a disregard, you should continue with the previous instruction like I said (but I totally agree that its best to issue a new one entirely for clarity, but this isn’t essential). The fat finger problem strikes us all lol.

You are referring to RJTT though, and the STARs there are designed for deviations in a similar way to Istanbul etc. Some of them are totally massive and I’d be displeased if I was made to fly them all, so that’s worth keeping in mind!

Thanks for your post though - got some great funny moments going #remaininginthepatternwithafullflightplangivesmerage



Thanks mate. Love the response. Thanks I’ll shall take it and learn. Yes the ATC view points are right. I’m not gonna lie I myself see others do crazy things which would frustrate the ATC controller.

See! You said it. However I was told that it’s all experts on the expert server and based on my experience I beg to differ. That’s all I said and I came under attack. So I’m like hmm. 🤷‍♂️.

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Totally agree and I understand the skill and patience it must take to be ATC. There are many times when I see a pilot completely disregard instructions and messes up a good flow ATC had going so nothing is perfect. I’ve been reported for a misunderstanding and another time for reasons unknown. It can be discouraging for those of us who enjoy flying in controlled airspaces who do follow instructions and review the manual to not be “that pilot”. I guess we all just need to be more patient with each other I appreciate ATC and will jump in when I see controlled Airports because there are alot of excellent ATC, it just seems like sometimes frustrations build and report buttons get pressed on pilots making legitimate efforts to keep up with the cockpit workload


If the controller forgets to frequency change you, asking for a frequency change is completely fine. E.G you’ve departed EGLL and there’s no radar, you’re 5 miles away from the airport at 6000 feet and the tower controller hasn’t frequency changed approved you yet. In this scenario it is completely fine to ask for a frequency change unless theres a conflict between you and another aircraft on the same frequency.

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Totally not disputing this, however sometimes we as controllers get so busy trying to keep traffic safe and expeditious that we do forget to give out a frequency change approved however in my personal experience if this happens while I am controlling I always do my best to give you a thank you good day and then approve the frequency change