ATC Controllers

Gents. I know they are ATC controllers in training on this game but sometimes these controllers puts you in more conflicts than should SMH 🤦‍♂️ They should honestly allow the pilots to follow their flight plan especially given the fact that most pilots set their flight plan based on the procedures given in the game. So there’s a bit of organization. I understand their instructions takes precedents but you as the pilot can SEE the conflict way before it happens. There’s a degree of PATIENCE they do not exercise when pilots are approaching or even departing from an airport. Some times the pilots flight plan is wayyyyy better than the ATC instructions. Less trouble. Rarely I see ATC controllers who clearly knows what they are doing.


I mean it is training, if you think the ATC controller is messing around with you just don’t listen to them, you won’t get reported. I do some ATC procedures on training I take it seriously but sometimes the pilots don’t listen, but hey what can I do I can’t report because it’s training.


Wow wow wow wow !!! See!!! I just had to do a go around. He instructed me to descend to a specific altitude and heading then instructed me to disregard. After he didn’t proceed to issue the corrected instructions. Just went silent. THEN asked me to execute the attitude change he JUST JUST told me to disregard smh 🤦‍♂️. This is what I’m talking about.

Hi, unfortunately controlling in training server does not require any experience or knowlege. I recomende you to fly in expert server to recieve proffesional ATC service.


Nooooo. You guys are misunderstanding. I AL ON EXPERT SERVER. RJTT approach and landing. I understand these guys are in training but their should be a bit more shown when doing ATC on the expert server.

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There is no training in expert server. if you have any questions or issues about communicating with ATC in expert server, you can send DM to controller or ask here. maybe i can help :)


Well mate……….I beg to differ. I am honestly being understanding but yet still expecting a certain degree of professionalism and realism. The ORGANIZATION, composure and patience an ATC controller should have on the expert level is not there. I’ve experienced this before. And there was a major complaint just a few days to a week ago where the thread was even ENDED by admin. This EXPERT server should be just that a sever for EXPERTS.

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I can assure you all controllers on expert server are well trained and commited to maintain good level of professionalim and realism. maybe there are misunderstanding between pilots and ATC, but we have to understand each other.
I can see your main problem is you deviated from the FPL. it is very common and
even necessary in approaching such a busy airspace like RJTT today.They have a plan to manage the traffic. there are possible conflicts that you may not see as pilot but controllers are aware of.
I can only ask for patience and trust on controllers in expert server. believe me they are doing hard job and best they can offer but it is not easy when you have 100+ inbounds.


Hello there,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve experienced this on the Expert Server from IFATC qualified controllers. However, to best resolve this issue, could you please give us some information such as the airport, frequency, time and date that this happened at?

I’m asking this because the best way to resolve this is to speak to the controller(s) that you might have encountered issues with and hear their perspective of their story. Not to mention, if there was something else that was going on behind the scenes, an explanation from those who were there would definitely go a long way to resolving this dispute.

Nonetheless, I’m more than willing to lend a helping hand with all that’s going on here. Again, apologies for the poor performance from the IFATC group. I can assure you that most, if not all controllers hold themselves to a rather high level of expectations.


No no no. That is not my main problem. I didn’t say that. Smh 🤦‍♂️. I said sometimes allowing the person to follow through with the flight plan actually helps the ATC to some extent in terms of organization. This is the second time you are misconstruing what I’m saying. But ok 👍.

Hey LordWizrak… it’s okay. I understand what you are saying and I appreciate the reassurance and clarity. Im currently still in the session so I could give a detailed report later if that’s not a problem. I do have faith in the system and game but as I said before I am understanding and do give a degree of benefit to the ATC personnel. However how it all transpired was very interesting and unexpected cause just as you said I expect these ATC persons to be experts.

Let me put it this way. If you think you could do it better, apply to become an IF ATC!


Again you are misunderstanding but duly noted.

Im so sick of hearing this … really.

The most pilots don’t realize that they also have to improve their skills . 7 / 10 pilots don’t know how to use correctly the ATC Interface .

6 /10 need a expedite altitude change … cause they are far away from idle “ Be quite ATC , VNAV will handle this “

9 / 10 requesting Flight Following - or Radar vectors after depature … I’m sure they have no clue what they requesting

5 / 10 You have to onguard when they descending

5 / 10 don’t know how to adjust the speed during the approach… they would intercept the ILS with 250 knots

8 / 10 requesting Frequency change completely unnecessary… ATC will handle this guys … don’t worry

All in one guys … please make familiar with the manual … really … you increase the workload with unnecessary things


You forgot the 6/10 that are requesting frequency cahnge after they taxied to the runway with the clearance (taxi to runway X contact Tower when ready)


This I agree with.

Lol 😂 this I’ve heard

Yea … it’s the same with progressive taxi . ATC Said straight ahead … let’s go left… around the corner with 35 knots


Or when you say fly runway heading to 5k and the turn after 600ft!


Lmao 🤣 💀 facts.

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