ATC controllers not responding

I don’t mean to be rude and this doesn’t go for all controllers but it has happened with a lot of them. When you fly at a controlled airport it is really frustrating when you have a takeoff line of 8 planes and you are 8th in line, we all sent in departure request and the controllers took forever to respond. I have had this issue a lot where you wait and wait and wait more and the don’t respond. So please IFATC controllers. If you are at an airport don’t make us wait and wait and wait


For feedback, I would definitely recommend sending a pm to the controller that you had the issue with. Things are a lot more productive and it’s more respectful. If you need to escalate the situation, please add the ATC Manager and/or ATC Moderators to your pm.


Ok yes I want sure how to say it in the most correct/ nicest way I can while still getting the point across

At busier airports and at events, it’s generally good practice to only request departure when you’re first in line. This allows the controller to focus on what’s most important first, like handling landings.


Okay. The thing is even they reply you cannot takeoff or anything. The only thing they can send you is hold short or give you a sequence. Since you already know you’re in 8th place, and you know you are in line, why don’t you just communicate at the first of line? There is no need to ask for takeoff at such position in line. Despite, sometimes IFATC put up some information saying “only say intention when first in line”. But, I agree, sometimes not replying to messages could be frustrating, especially with heavy traffic.

Yes I know in the scenario I gave they couldn’t do more than tell me hold short anyway but still even when it’s not busy. One time I was the in Tokyo the only one in line for takeoff and this happened. But yes it is frustrating

I might not be correct in my sense under this case, but when there are a tons of pilots sending request simultaneously at a very busy airport, as local my priority would be answering more crucial requests including landings, LUAW, takeoffs(first in line), taxiing, runway crossing and etc… You know you have a long line ahead of you and would be told to wait, so what is the point of requesting so early and urgently demanding an answer that you are aware of. That unnecessarily adds work load and time consumption for controllers.

But this only applies to the airport that is very busy, not much an issue at one with normal traffic.

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As there is a time limit implemented for not responding to a request in the app per default , I assume that the time you’ve to wait for a response from the controller must be under 10 sec. Otherwise he would be disconnected from the app. If he clicks and deactivate your request by that there might be plenty of good reasons as mentioned above. I would recommend to be patient, typically no one will be forgotten at a gate.

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