ATC controller

Hello there , I want to be ATC in a busy airport and professionals in training server so if there is any event on training server with so many planes , please tell me
Some training before IFATC tests

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You can make an ATC tracking thread and people will join you and help you train.


How ? Can you help me please with that ?

Check this one out.


Thank you so much

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Hey it says it’s closed , can I make mine ?
Like post a topic In ( ATC ) and say the information of the airport and planes , is it okay ?

Hey you can check also check out this link if you wanna know how to create the tracking thread.
Thank you

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Hi! Please follow my topic for making an ATC Tracking thread, thank you!


Yes that’s just because that’s an old one just copy that title with your information and put open.

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@Sashaz55 i don’t know how to write atc Tracking thread style , and should I post it on ATC? I’m sorry but I don’t know anything here I’m learning 😅

Yes, post in #atc the guide should cover everything else.

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ATC at PAEI Open
Is it like that ?

The title should say: Ifdubai’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ PAEI

Ok I will edit it

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