ATC Controller who reported unknown, need advice contacting them

I just got my first ever level 3 violation, it said I landed without permission, when i did in fact have permission and ATC went offline (it had done this several times one time leading me to go around) then just as i touched down, came back online again, only for me to be kicked. If the controller in question can see this, hopefully they’ll understand and see that i did in fact have permission.
Hope you can advise me.




Can you check your logbook and see who reported you? It shouldn’t appear as unknown. The shown username in your logbook will be the same as the controller’s IFC account.

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There’s a server issue right now. Everyone is appearing as unknown. He might not be able to see.


To tell the truth I’ve only managed to find my violation history, i don’t know where the logbook is located?

Its under replay I think

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On the main screen, tap “Logbook”

Go to the home screen, is below the “replies” section on the left side

Thats a classic example of me digging a little too deep to find something haha!

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Then where I drew a red line will show your violation, click it and you’ll get your info:


Yes thank you i’ve found it now. obvs server issues as it’s taking a while to load.

Honestly, my logbook always takes a long time to load… I’m assuming because of all the flights I’ve done, same with the replay list. Could be a server issue, who knows… Either way no big deal.

Well apparently I was reported by IFBR Renan Brandao. Not really entirely sure how I get in touch with them. Any advice? I had a violation overturned before but they managed to reach out to me in the end.

@Renan is your guy.

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You should PM him directly and add @appeals if needed

Ah thats super, Thank you all very much for your help! Stay safe!

Anytime mate!

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@moderators Can you close this topic, please? It was already in my PM. Thanks!