ATC Controller Issues

Hai…im having issue with ATC requesting me checkin/report multiple times even when i already reply and they cleared me for approach. This is very annoying.

Another issue…i was contacted by SOCAL APP… but Socal freq is not in the list for me to reply…i got warning…


Hello there!

Can I ask which server this was on?

If it’s training, there’s not really anything that can be done since it’s for controllers and pilots to learn,

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Unfortunately you are dealing with training server ATC. If you want a more realistic ATC experience I recommend flying on Expert Server where we have IFATC which are a group of volunteers who undergo tests and training to ensure they are eligible to control on Expert Server and give the pilots there an enjoyable time.

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Not really if the controller has an IFC account as pictured. However, it doesn’t look like Sam is in the wrong here, it looks like it was the tower that was on-guarding you multiple times.

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