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very often when i ask a controller a question about something that happened during his operation
i receive a " I am sorry ", " i apologize ", " I am sorry that i could not provide the quality … " or " i hope to see you again when i am controlling offering a better service ".

I dont know if they had to learn this during their ATC education, but please, in my case:

Stop this ! We are here for fun, we have a hobby, some people like me are stupid enough to fly around in IF just after coming from a real flight ( because it just makes so much fun to fly in IF )

When i ask a question, like just now about why i could not just taxi out of my parking position, then because i dont know what the controller was thinking or planning in this moment. And 99% of the answers are totally ok for me and i can totally understand their actions. There is no need to apologize! For what? Because i again wanted to do something that nobody else is doing ?
Like when i was new and took off in PHNL just to switch of the 2 right hand engines off my JAL747 to simulate a dual engine failure and Adam Mc.C. for sure thought this guy needs some medicine.
If, then i should apologize for not just doing what all others are doing.

We all make mistakes, and handling all these characters that are flying around as pilots in IF is for sure not the easiest thing some can imagine.

So there is no need to apologize and say sorry and all this. You all are doing a great job, coming from never heard about a vector to handling 80 planes that are all flying to one airport as if that is the last airport available on earth.

And i can tell you, i will never become a controller. I once had the chance to try it out when i was booked by the German ATC Academy in Langen where they simulate complete flights, us sitting in a simulator and the students are doing their communication and radar training.They asked me if i want to change role, so the ATC student took over my right seat in the SIM, and i took over his Radar screen : The trainer from the academy has never seen before in his live so many midair collisions in just a short time.

Continue your great service and please stop apologizing.


Shouldn’t this be in #atc?

If so can you move it there ? I thought this is something not really ATC specific, like a question why someone has been ghosted for no reason :) it is more about the people behind the operation.

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You made some very good points, however as much as I ask ATC with questions about their actions I’ve never gotten an apology, even when they were in the wrong, they tell me how they will proceed with it though. I’m not doubting that they apologize to you, but if they are I see it just as a friendly way to let you know they were wrong. I’d take no issue with it. Respect to all IFATC 🙏

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It might have to do with what kind of question…
if someone gets ghosted for s suitable reason he will not receive a apologize. I was referring to questions like:

When once the PHNL ATIS was telling us " straight out Departures only " ,but if you follow this on a RWY 08 or 04 Departure you will have a nice CFIT because in IF they train the new pilots straight out departure means flying to the end of the cone then turn… or when i once had to go around and also aborted take off because i had too much tailwind …then they apologized because they didnt turn the runway due to wind or because the straight out dep. was not such a good idea… but after they explained there actions i understood both of them, same about my question why i could not taxi out of the parking position but instead got a pushback clearance. Like in these 3 examples i now totally understand their actions.

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I don’t apologise unless I make a genuine mistake, or if it’s a faulty ghost.
1 action = 1 reason.

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