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So tonight I was at WMKK. I was lined up on 14R, the tower went off line, and I waited about 2 minutes and I had an aircraft on final for 14R behind me. So I announced takeoff into Unicom and started my roll in the A340. I was around 90kts and tower came back online. I decided to abort takeoff and I exited the runway. Did I make the right decision? I was wondering in case I ever a similar situation again. Thanks :)

No, you can take off.

You would have been okay to carry on with your takeoff

Normally no controller should issue a line up while controller change. If the runway was clear you could take off normally

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As you already announced takeoff, I think you should continue. Announcing takeoff kind of is the equivalent of a takeoff clearance, so, they would have to say “cancel takeoff clearance”.

I gotcha, the tower announced frequency change and to standby and I didnt wanna get ghosted 🤷🏼‍♂️

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You would’ve been okay to carry on. If i was controlling then i would know you were taking off and unless there was any danger around then i wouldn’t have an issue with it. I’m sure that goes with the rest of IFATC. If you announce it on Unicom then i don’t really see an issue.

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Adding on, the controller can see you announced takeoff on Unicom so it won’t be a issue.

Alrighty, I honestly didnt know never been in that situation, I didnt wanna risk a ghost since the controller said to stand by before change 🤭


As said above, a controller may not issue you a line up and wait command when closing the frequency, that exposes the pilot to receive lvl 1 violations for idling on the runway.

Additionally, there could be surrounding traffic that may have to execute a missed approach due to the runway being occupied by another aircraft.

You said that you were at 90kts and the runway was clear, you did nothing wrong with aborting the take-off although it could have been better for reducing the possibilities of a MA by the aircraft on final to continue your roll.

The controllers let those on short final and takeoff roll finish landing or departing when they first enter a session. As these are the most critical phases of the flight, we’re not there to interrupt you during them after the frequency is inactive for a minute or two.

As long as you’re not taking off in the opposite direction of the flow of traffic or at the same time as another plane, you’ll be good to go!

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