ATC controller Bots for unmanned fields

Gday! Can you give us a little more insight on how this could work. The thing is bot ATC need to know when other aircraft are around, if someone aborts takeoff they may need to send someone to go around. Please eleaborates

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This sounds like an excellent feature M8.You already have my vote.

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To be fair he doesn’t probably know the ins and outs of how to implement such a feature. Love the idea!

Edit: What I am trying to say is, OP is looking for input.

I swear we had a request for this already. I’ll have to do some digging.


Would they be on approach. That might get annoying for Tower. Also, how would the bot deal with someone who won’t listen?

You’re probably talking about this one? It’s only for approach, not universal ATC.


Hi. I don’t know how the ATC Microsoft FS2004 & FSX was designed but it seemed to know the positions of all aircraft in the various airspace types.

As for an aborted takeoff, the pilot taking off would inform the tower that they’re aborting the takeoff. This would immediately initiate a “go around” Command for any aircraft approaching that runway,

The ATC system could also be programmed to initiate a “go around” command to an approaching aircraft if the following condition is met: an aircraft on takeoff roll suddenly decreases speed. At the instant speed is decreased on take off roll the ATC system would know that an aborted takeoff occurred for the given aircraft as this is not a normal takeoff behavior.

The ATC system would also be programmed to issue a “go around” command if an aircraft is on the runway while an approaching aircraft is within a given distance of the touch down zone. This distance can be adjusted for different aircraft types

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That would be fun to watch on TS1.


This would be universal just as it is in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 & FSX (ie: tower, IFR clearances, ATIS, approach control, ATC centers, etc).

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Yes sir. I was referring to the topic I linked; your’s is not a duplicate because it refers to universal ATC while the other one only refers to approach.

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In the Microsoft Flight sims and unresponsive aircraft would get a message stating “ ATC services terminated”. In this case an automatic msg would be sent to a human IFATC controller suggesting the user be ghosted and the reason

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Copy that thanks a lot!

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Would help IFATC determine where to position their human controllers especially newer controllers.

Example LAX for a new controller would probably be like being thrown to the wolves and they’d likely get burnt out. That’s not good at all for their development. If a controller with sufficient experience isn’t available at a given time to handle a crazy IAP like LAX on TS1, IFATC can let the bots handle it while a new controller(s) on shift can grow and develop at an airport, center, etc that more closely aligns with their experience and development goals.

Brilliant idea! This would help Infinite Flight so much!

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I don’t like that idea at all. It is also difficult to implement a system with AI situational awareness, due to the fact that IFATCs have to be trained some time to give proper service, which is indeed a bit more complex, than one might think.

I thought the exact same thing

I wonder if this is possible to develop in a mobile sim? Would have to develop with and integrate the METAR readings as well as other things I’m sure.

How do bots account for people who don’t know the difference between their lefts, rights, appropriate speeds and what other instructions are? (Like back taxi…) Do they ghost?

Are you looking for this to be implemented in solo mode (as you indicate it’s available in single player in MFS and FSX…I haven’t played those…I know, I know…) or all live servers…just expert?

I also wonder how strong the need is as we have unicom…and how busy do the non IFATC controlled airports get? If this is possible, maybe just implement at the frequently busy airports (EGLL, KJFK, KLAX, KNUC…ha!).

Not downplaying the idea, just thinking “out loud.”



Good point. That would be a dealbreaker for me.

All Live servers for all controlled airports/fields where ATC isn’t manned by an IFATC controller (ie: only has Unicom)

Why don’t you like the idea?

How long & challenging training for an IFATC controller isn’t being downplayed at all. The intent of this system is not to replace IFATC. Rather it’s to provide more ATC coverage worldwide in global/live. Right now, that coverage is very small when you think about it. That’s not a ding against IFATC it’s just reality. They do not have the manpower to possibly man all ATC positions across the world at all times of the day.

All controlled airports/fields and areas that don’t have a IFATC Manning the tower, center etc would have Bots. IFATC can configure the Bots to include ATIS messages for different airports