ATC controller behavior.

Ok so tonight I was doing my FNF inbound to WSSS. I don’t know the username of the Tower controller but I want to clarify something. The approach cleared me for the ILS and I contacted tower, he cleared me to land Runway 20C, which I read back to cleared to land… another aircraft was holding short of 20C but just when I was on short final the controller cleared the other aircraft for takeoff, which could resulted in a GoAround for me because I think that professionally, that distance isn’t safe to cleared and aircraft to take off while the other is on short final. DUE TO THIS, I reported myself “YV-1102 is on final” just because I found inappropriate his/her behavior” and the answer was, “avoid unnecessary reports” I mean… I KNOW I DONT HAVE TO REPORT WHEN I HAVE BEEN CLEARED. But I still found that the behavior wasn’t the correct one and that’s why I reported my position.

Anyone help me TAG the current controller for the FNF at WSSS. (August 9. 2019) and help me get this into a moderator or staff member. EXPERT SERVER

Thank you and happy flying!


We all make mistakes sometimes.


When did this happen? I just ended my ATC session @WSSS

Hello! This happened like 10 minutes ago. I am “YV-1102”

Wow. Mistakes happen

I’ll PM you. That was probably me.



Perfect 💪🏻👍🏻

I am flying now to WARR from WSSS, I think I heard a go around. If it helps the situation, I can pull up the ATC messages now as a third party to give you the information if required.

Hey! I already talked with the Controller. He already explained me the situation just perfectly. Thanks :)


Alright, no worries.


I thought the controller was a bit off edge aswell. He cleared me and the aircraft in front of me to take off at the same time.

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@Edivan_dcds Thanks for departing me out earlier. Quick question, I was departing as SQ932 out earlier on Rwy 20C. I was on my upwind leg climbing to 3000ft as instructed, when I heard over the radio for a go-around and saw the commotion via the HUD map. I’d like to find out from you if I should have not troubled you to change frequency earlier and wait until you were settled with 20R or should I have done as I should (i.e request frequency change from you).

Might be a basic question but I’d like to clarify if rare events like these happen in the future.

Many Thanks

That’s a normal ATC procedure. Aircraft ahead of you was probably about to upper his nose.

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Ok. I didn’t know that. I just thought it was odd.

In busy airspace, we will try to clear traffic as fast as we can. This includes departing aircraft with minimum separation. Chances are you will be cleared before the next aircraft has lifted off the runway, however by the time you are on your takeoff roll the other aircraft will be in the air.

As for landing, it is not uncommon to have someone cleared in front of you. Rather than announce your position, I’d just watch your speed. Think about if you are going to fast, and should maybe slow down a bit to let the aircraft out.


Adding on to what @Will_A said, if you’ve been cleared for takeoff and there’s someone on short final, please do not meander onto the runway at 7 knots and slowly begin takeoff roll. The reason why you were cleared is because the controller assumed that you would be able to get airborne in a timely fashion, so lining up quickly helps the controller avoid a negative outcome.


The pilot has contacted the controller so there is no need for further discussion as the two are now in PM. 😀 Hope you sort things out @Diego_Blanco.