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I have a suggestion. It would be great to know how long ATC have been controling a given airport so far and how long they are planning to control it in the airport page before launching a flight.

Do you agree ?



doesn’t it already have that?


IFATC controllers are volunteers and therefore are permitted to open wherever and whenever they like. There is a minimum requirement however for controllers to control for at least 30 minutes at class charlie airports and one hour at class bravo airports.

I would recommend taking a look at the ATC Schedule which is pinned to the ATC category as these airports are listed as suggestions for controllers and are likely to come with ATC service from the IFATC team during peak times.

Don’t worry however, the team are working on ways to improve the ability for pilots to predict where ATC coverage will be and also for ATC to predict where the traffic will be for their sessions.

Take care!

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It already exist on my discord via a bot…
Unfortunately, I can’t advertise since not IFVARB approved


I dont have that information shows you

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Thank you !

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This bit is the tricky bit because while we have the minimum limits of 30 minutes for Class C airports and 1 Hour for Class Bravo airports, beyond that time it’s difficult because a controller could plan on being open for say 3 hours, but then something comes up and they have to close early.

This website shows only expert server, correct?

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InfiniteInfo shows you how long an airport has been open. Then you can do the Bravo/Charlie math to guesstimate how much longer it might be open.


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