ATC control screen - variable pilot/history areas

When controlling as ATC you get a screen such as below. The right-part of the screen shows all aircrafts you are controlling, and below the history of the communication.

When controlling during a quiet period, a big part of the right area of the screen is not used. This empty space could be used by having a larger history area…

Would it perhaps be an idea to create an ability that enables the ATC to move the split-bar between these two areas? This would allow him to decide on the size of these areas and which areas he wants to scroll.


Yes, yes and yes again. This is a great idea and would be very nice for just looking if you have sent a massage to a specific plane.

( Read Comment above this one ) …

The planes will love to have massages sent to them 😂 …

Becareful of the Mighty A380 as it can get really angry !

Yes. Good idea.

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