Hey guys

I’ve given stick to ATC controllers on this forum before just about a week and a half ago but yesterday I have to give it up for the controllers handling Brazil. It was awesome! Smooth easy and well well organized! Much respect ✊ as I enjoyed every single bit of it.

The only problem was pilots were doing their usual crazy stunts and just pure ridiculousness. Smh 🤦‍♂️. I think it would be best that an actual IF TEAM ATC SUPERVISOR overviews the actions being taken by certain individuals. I swear. If you see a person taxing at 40kts boot them offline, a person does not follow ATC instructions boot them offline, being impatient when clearly there’s a line boot them offline, flying erratically around the airport (particularly using fighter jets) boot them offline. I swear. Strict measures are the only thing that will clean up this EXPERT SERVER. I normally, when finished flying and parked at my gate, go to the control tower view and watch other players land and grade their landings. That’s when you see the craziness that happens and it just ruins the realistic experience for everyone. Persons spawn LITERALLY to do nonsense. Smh 🤦‍♂️.

Some how also persons need to watch the TUTORIALS to honestly know how to communicate with ATC and perform the necessary procedures and steps to have a realistic and good experience playing the game. Yes there are persons that don’t do this and you can clearly spot these individuals, KICK THEM OFF LINE. Have infinite flight link a tutorial to that individual to teach them how to do things properly when booted for a particular reason or violation. Unless they watch this tutorial they cannot return to the server and if they violate again they should be banned from the expert server for 3 months. I swear, drastic measures has to be taken if IF wants to clean up this server honestly.

Again big shout out to yesterdays Brazil ATC team. You guys were great. Have a good one mates.



If a person is taxiing at 40 knots, they will receive a level 1 violation in x amount of time, we don’t need to worry about that. People not following instructions should receive “please follow instructions” or “please follow instructions or you will be reported” before getting reported depending on the situation.

Now, I have a lot of fun spotting pilots doing the dumbest stuff. For example: I was controlling SBRJ
today, runway 20L/02R (the longest runway) is only 4300 feet long. I had someone land at 170 knots and overrun it. I also had someone that landed so hard they bounced, hit their wing and then just left to I assume avoid violations. I genuinely believe that those pilots have no clue what they’re doing, so I just laugh and let them do their thing, within my limits though. If it’s busy, and they’re taxiing through other people for example, they will get reported.

I usually let smaller mistakes such as taxiing to the wrong runway by accident slide (as long as they then taxi to the correct runway) and I’m sure most IFATC do that too, but when pilots are not following instructions because they do not understand them after multiple messages, or are not following them on purpose, they will get reported immediately.


Yes I agree. But I’ve seen numerous times that they continue. Because the time they take to taxi to the active runway is more than adequate for the necessary warnings to kick in and hence there after the violations.

Lmao 🤣 yesss I’ve seen this bouncing and subsequently exiting the game to avoid violations lol. But at least you know that player is trying. Others not so considerate.

This is what I’m saying…you should check the airport layout etc before even moving your aircraft. A quick check of the radar could should you that. But they don’t care for these things and when that’s the case they should be booted from the expert server. I’ve seen pilots go full blast just to taxi. You’d swear he was going to take off. Lol 😂. It’s a mess at times. I was gonna fly to your airport after my first session but I had to end my flight.


Hehe it may be because im quite new to the IFATC team. Who knows, maybe I’ll get grumpier and grumpier as time passes. Only time can tell ;))


Lmao 🤣 please don’t lol. Hahah haha 😆 can’t let these guys stress you out. Lol this is why IF needs to do something to protect you guys as well.

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Haha - I think you just voiced most of the frustrations of every single controller 😂 😂 😂. Of course, its a delicate balance between those learning and improving and those trolling. Violations are generally kept especially for the latter and most of us have no hesitation in issuing them in this case! We cannot, however, issue a violation for anything that level 1 violations cover - but yes the players bypassing this with the taxi 30 knots / 40 knots / back to 30 knots is frustrating. I usually keep an eye on these ones very closely to ensure they don’t taxi through anyone and a runway incursion is almost a guarantee lol.

I also go to tower and watch the landings haha - thought I was the only one. Can scar you for life 😂.

I think I recall you on approach in Brazil or that could have been last week - anyways it was recently! Thanks for coming by and following procedures! :D


Lmao 🤣 definitely scared for life lol 😆. Haha haha might have been last week. I know your gamer tag well because every airport I’ve approach with you you knew what you were doing and I was like this guy is very serious let me not mess up. Lmao 🤣. Lol. Almost every session I go to the tower and watch the landings lol 😆. I’ve realised that a lot of pilots cannot control their aircraft on the ground lol 😂. That’s the hard part. Whether taxing take off landing or even parking. They cannot.
But I do understand what you meant in relation to the violations. Its truly a balance and I’m telling you a great exercise of patience. Let me know when you will be controlling next and I’ll be there. I’m working in China 🇨🇳 so the time difference is vast. Gotta coordinate.

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Oh - you have no idea 😂😂😂. All good, I’m in Singapore so the same or pretty close 🥳

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Ohhh cool. Lol. The struggle is real. Lol. I’m about to start a session. RKSI - ZBAA. Get in a flight before sleep time.

Lovely country. Never been though.

Hello my friend :),
I do apologize if you had a bad experience with your departure/arrival into Brazillian airspace. Let me clarify some points you made!

It’s unfortunately the job of the controller online to manage those. A Supervisor can show up if need be, but it’s unlikely as they usually only need to show up if a problem occurs such as a controller needs help. Trust me, though, we are seeing what you may see and we’re doing our best to make Expert Server professional along with fun.

I agree here, but at the end of the day, we also need to allow pilots to have fun. Our job is to get you down safely and efficiently. We do give violations to pilots who choose to not follow this and we are trying our best, but we are human, though.

3 months is a little less than the actual meta. If a pilot gets enough Level 2 or Level 3 violations, they have the chance to get banned for 12 months. It’s happened before, trust me. I honestly feel a week is a justifiable length as anything more would be excessive. 7 days gives a pilot time to think over what he did and avoid that next time.

Again, sorry for any inconveniences you had inside Brazillian Airspace. Hope to see you flying somewhere around the world ;).


Hey mate. Thanks for the reply! 7 days I guess is okay. I’m just saying a very good point was made the other day on a different topic that you cannot go by a persons flight stats anymore because you will see grade 5 individuals doing utmost ridiculous things. For me also there’s a personal issue at hand here. An individual must think logically…be aware of their surroundings. If I’m ahead of you going 230kts on approach and you are 10 miles behind on the same approach going 350kts what do you think is gonna happen? I swear sometimes it’s like a RACE. These ppl are literally racing you. To land and even get to the active runway. Smh 🤦‍♂️. But I completely understand your point, the essence of what I’m saying is tho is to PUT A STERN MESSAGE OUT. If 7 days can clean up that expert server then jeez let’s do it…cause eventually ppl will stop playing IF.

I agree here. Unfortunately I’ve had to give people with less than 100 hours their first level 2/3 violations because they assume it’s just like Training Server. However, there are definitely benefits to this. People learn from those and I’m sure any of my fellow peers in IFATC may/may not tell you this.

We’re also aware of this. We see speeds through our side and we definitely do our job in speed commands and reports if a user doesn’t listen. We very well understand your frustration and we’re doing our best to fix any problems which may arise as you come inbound into our airspace.

I do understand your point, though, and you’re more than welcome to voice yourself. Trust me when I say this though:
IFATC members definitely get the same frustrations with pilots as competent pilots do. We’re doing our best, and at the end of the day, we’ll keep doing our part in getting you to your destination safely and efficiently.

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Hey there Kush,
Just wanted to chime in and and say that I think the user stated that he had a very good experience with the Controllers in the Brazilian airspace, and that he was just touching on points about behavior on the Expert Server and the way violations are structured, etc.


Oh no I understood that. It’s directed towards the pilots.


Ah I see, no worries.
Have a great night!


Thanks man. No worries. I’ll continue to fly definitely. We all need to work together.

Correct! Some one get this guy a beer 🍺! Lol.

Also another beer 🍺 lol 😆

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