ATC contacting afk pilots


Just double checking because, from what I’ve read on this, I should automatically be placed in away mode after two minutes of not touching the screen.

Are controllers aware when pilots are afk, or is it an offence to go afk for hours at a time?

I ask because, last night, I decided to do a 7 hour trans-Atlantic flight from KIAD-EIDW, sleeping for a significant portion of the cruise. I intentionally woke up a few minutes prior to passing my T/D in order to engage VNAV and land.

When I woke up, I had 9 messages from Boston Centre to make contact, all within the span of roughly 2 minutes.

Is this normal?

If this was in TS, there’s not much you can do about it since sometimes trolls love to control and spam ATC. You could just continue with your flight as normal, nothing to worry about.

But if it’s ES, that would be very peculiar. In that case, I’ll leave that for someone in the ATC department who may be able to assist you further.


Like @ran said, if it was the training server, don’t worry about it. They cannot do anything and you did not do anything wrong!

If this was the expert server, you should look at the replay and attempt to reach out to the controller here on the IFC. As stated by the manual, away aircraft should not be on-guarded and all conflicts with an away aircraft should be presumed unintentional and left alone!

Sorry for this experience! If you have any other ATC related questions, though, feel free to PM me or create another topic! Have a wonderful day.


It was in the training server yeah


Training sever will have new people and people who loves to spam message ATC and fly recklessly such as taxing off the taxiway and using taxiway as runway. If you are on TS they cant report or have an affect on grade levels


Yes, there is a little circle that shows the ATC if you are around or AFK during your flight. Hence, the ATC will know you are AFK.

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Yeah, training server ATC might not be aware of this feature for ATC. So like Ran said, there is really nothing we can do about it when on Training Server since it is for “training” ATC and pilots. However, on Expert Server, most of the ATC is aware and will not spam you.

Have a nice night :)


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I’m really sorry you had to experience this. A lot of the time as others have said is atc generally not knowing that there is a away icon while your inactive. You do get the odd troll but 95/100 its geneue mistake on the TS ATC. Have a fantastic week.

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Yea Training server anyone can do ATC work where in expert server you need to pass recruitment in the IFATC, the away icon I’ve done ATC work on the training server concedering on joining IFATC. Anyways the away icon can and will come up if even your landing at the airport or on a different frequency. Really important that ATC looks at the FLP you’ve filed so they don’t do this kind of mistake so a little lesson.


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