ATC Connectivity issues

Hallo can somebody help me maybe?
There is someone that trigger me the hole Time. Its happends al twice this das and tonight we have a huge groupe event betwen IF-Germany and IF Brasil and we wanna want to go live on the Internet and this cant be happend then !

Watch the problem in de clip below please …

Why aren’t you at least trying to intercept the runway?

There is a known issue with communication between aircraft and controller (vibe versa). The Infinite Flight Team is working on this.

Some tips:

• Make sure you have a stable internet connection
• Avoid leaving the app (pausing a session) once you begin a flight
• Always restart your device before flights if able

This is no IF issue. I think an ex angry IF-Germany member want to make me nuts

Considering we are aware of an issue surrounding this, there’s no way of knowing unless you actually reach out to this individual yourself.

There’s not much more that can be done from our end, I’m afraid.

Okay thanks for answering and good luck with the ATC Problem … greatings Nick