ATC Connections

Apple iPhone X iOS 11.3.1

For the last few weeks now I have had consistent failures with my connection to ATC. When I first start out live, everything works just fine with ground and tower, but within 5 minutes of takeoff, my messages no longer go through to ATC. I’ll switch from tower to approach (because I like to take off and then practice my landings with approach) but approach doesn’t get my messages 90% of the time. If I switch back to Tower, they don’t get my messages either. I’m not leaving the game or anything, my messages just no longer get through for whatever reason. All connections are good too.

Has anybody else reported anything like this? The reason I know they’re not getting through is I messaged an approach guy a few weeks ago with screenshots and he showed he never received any of my messages that I sent him.


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Make sure that your internet connection is always on.
It sounds as if your connection is dropping out from time to time, therefore causing you to be unable to communicate with ATC.

Thanks for the reply.

I don’t think it’s my internet connection though in all honesty. My WiFi is xfinity and is 120 MBps, and I also have Verizon LTE which is very reliable too, and this was never an issue before so I feel like I don’t think it’s the data connection. Could it possibly be anything else? Other ideas?

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I think a standard answer would be update your OS to the latest one and reinstall the app:)

Hope it helps!


We have seen similar reports before, but have yet to determine a cause.
Updating your iOS is obviously not an option as you’re on latest.

When did this begin? Do you recall any kind of change with your device at the time you started to experience this?

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Same issue. I have working internet and I never leave the app. My os is current. What is the deal?

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