ATC Connections #2


I’ve posted about this before regarding ATC connections. It is getting even worse now where I can literally hear everything on the live servers (training or casual) between other aircraft and tower/ground/appr/departure yet messages between myself and any of the above ATC do not always connect.

I’m on the latest iOS, my app is up to date, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, I even tried a mobile VPN to see if that helps and nothing fixes this. I have the number one mobile carrier in the USA, and same goes for WiFi provider.

It doesn’t appear to make a difference between WiFi or mobile data - and really there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it at all in all honesty.

Is there any other suggestions or fixes to this issue? I know on my first post 1 or 2 people said they experience the same issue.

I absolutely love this game, but it isnt cost effective for me to continue paying a monthly premium to not be able to experience the full game.

Any ideas or proposed solutions would be very appreciated.

Thank you for listening.

Hi there,

I fly quite frequently with cellular (AT&T and Verizon) and I do notice that if I don’t restart my device before flights this issue surfaces. I’ve never experienced this on WiFi but can confirm that controllers couldn’t communicate with me sometimes while on cellular service. During these times I also noticed if I backed in and out of the app to make a flight plan or to check something it was detrimental to my experience.

Some suggestions:

  • Keep a strong cellular signal
  • Restart your device before flights
  • Once you launch Infinite Flight try to avoid backing out of the app at all costs
  • Reset your device’s network settings
  • Keep all background apps closed if you can

Hope this helps,

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Hey there! Thanks for the quick response and suggestions. I never considered the network settings to be reset. I’ll try that first, then if that doesn’t, could try restarting my device more frequently before I fly to see if that helps alleviate the issues. I’m gonna give it a try the next few times I fly tonight actually, and I’ll let you know my findings.

Thank you!

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Well, it still happened. Started off with connection at first like it usually does, but then connection is lost. What’s worse is that the connection status in the top right doesnt even reflect it so I never really know until nobody is answering me. This really is inconvenient. I’m not sure what else to do.

My issue started these days.

My Live status will went offline for few seconds then recconect. It happens every 5-10min so I will disappear on radar for few seonds then reappear…

Using iPad 2017 strong wifi, have restarted and reinstalled the game. Problem still.

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