ATC connection issues

I have just tried two flights on the community event route EGLL/EIDW. First flight from EGLL to EIDW, I was being told to avoid repeat messages when I hadn’t sent any. Then the system wouldn’t recognise my frequency change from EIDW App to EIDW Tower. Annoying as I was on the ILS and final. After restarting the app, I tried flying EIDW to EGLL, and the system wouldn’t recognise when I changed frequency from Gnd to Twr. Replays available for both if required. Help much appreciated as this is the first time I’ve experienced this in many flights.

Device: Apple iPhone 15
Operating system: iOS

Can you go ahead and post the replay for us.

Also, what kind of connection were you on? Cellular or WiFi?

Use this to post your replay.

Sorry, expert server, WiFi.

Thank you for submitting the replay and I apologize for the delay. So looking at the replay, I am honestly not sure what was going on here. The issue as you were waiting to takeoff was not your fault. Just a tight squeeze. Controller may not have meant to send you that but either way, I see no issue on your part for that one.

As for the Heathrow Director, I believe he meant to send those messages to a different Speedbird aircraft. I noted no issues with your aircraft. Sometimes, while controlling a busy airspace with multiple aircraft utilizing similar call signs, it is easy to accidentally send a message to an unintended aircraft.

Now, for the issues while arriving into Dublin I analyzed the replay and did see that, even though you had switched to Dublin Tower, it does appear that it never actually switched. This could be due to some type of bug or maybe an overload on the server. I am tagging @Dan in the hopes that he can evaluate this to see if it was a glitch, and if so, possibly further investigation. @Dan, the suspected glitch is at approximately 17:51:00 in the replay file.

@AliP, it does not appear that there was an issue on your end. But please stay vigilant in case something like this happens again. Hopefully the devs can shed a little more light on what may have happened here. Have a good day!

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Thanks so much for the analysis, and if it identifies some bugs, that’s a good thing for the experts and the sim! I sometimes had issues in the past if my phone was connected to a VPN, but this wasn’t the case this time. Been flying today and no issues. Love the game and all your hard work! 👍🏼

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