ATC Connection Issue

I was just finishing a 3 hour flight from GNMM to EDDF. I started checking for ATIS around 80 miles out and noticed that only ground ATC was active. This continued to be the case until I reached the landing pattern for EDDF. At this point I joined EDDF Unicom, on which other pilots were also active. Just before making my left base turn I received a “You’re in an active airspace” warning from EDDF tower on a different frequency than EDDF Unicom, but when I tried to connect there was no such frequency available. I received a second warning and decided to end my flight rather than be ghosted and/or receive a violation. What should I do in these circumstances? Since the frequency wasn’t showing as active, I couldn’t respond to ATC.

Turn airplane mode on for 30 seconds, then back off. Usually solves the issue. In the meantime, change your callsign to NORDO to let the controller know you are having issues.

Thanks. Between this thread and another in the Support forum I found an answer to my question. This thread can be closed.